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Rugby, Rubgy... more Rugby

Shooting games and touring around London

sunny 15 °C

I’ve been staying with Ritu and she makes the most wonderful home cooked meals. One night she made butter chicken… from scratch. It was amazing and delicious. How am I ever going to go back to take out Indian food??


I went to the small town of Rugby and went on a tour around the school there where rugby was invented. Fun fact, rugby, football, soccer and handball all originated from the same game played by a bunch of 17 year olds in a school yard. So if you like any of those sports... really you like rugby :D


Our tour guide used to play rugby in Toronto with the same team I often shoot for!


I’ve toured around the city a bit, it’s been wonderful. In addition to sight seeing with Ritu, Jose and I visited the museum and art gallery.


I also got to have high tea with an old friend which was amazing because A) we got to catch up B) my tea came with hendricks gin. That’s what I call a win win.


Tomorrow is another World Cup Rugby match so today I went to the University of Birmingham to shoot a practice game. Rugby games in England seem to have cheerleaders and a lot of Taylor Swift. Odd.


At half time people jumped out of plane and landed on the field. It was really random but amazing.


And tomorrow… CANADA VS FRANCE!!!!

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From Leeds to London!

Canada vs Italy at the RWC and a walking tour of London

My first rugby world cup game was amazing. I was given roaming status as a photographer which meant I wasn't stuck in a fixed position and could walk around, get in the stands, WALK ON THE FIELD, AHHH, I HAD SO MUCH FUN.


In the last few minutes of the game a very brave man... dressed as a bear, ran onto the field and was shortly after tackled and escorted out by security.


The official RWC photographer took me under his wing and onto the field. ONTO THE FIELD!!


Off to the train station right after the game only to run into friends from home :D


Walked into a pub to wait for my train and was bought drinks because "You're from Canada? That was a good match, let me buy you a pint." Thanks team Canada!

Now I'm in London with Ritu who has generously let me stay at her place and has been cooking me breakfast, lunch and dinner :D Today we went on a walking tour and London is beautiful.


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Last night in Ireland, off to Leeds

Why must all good things come to an end?

overcast 13 °C

My ribs hurt from laughing. I don't know if it's because we're delirious from not sleeping or everything really is this funny, but Ireland has really been a blast. My last day Ashlea brought me to an art park and we all went out to dinner. It was a wonderful end to a great trip.


Ash and I, on one last final road trip, went to the airport at 4am the next morning. I made it to my gate with one minute to spare (win!). When I arrived I was a bit nervous about immigration. I wasn't exactly sure if I needed a visa to shoot at the World Cup.

Woman at immigration: Oh good morning. You're Canadian! Well isn't that just lovely. How long are you staying for?
Me: Um, well until the last Canadian rugby game and then I'll be heading to Scotland. Maybe the 8th?
Woman: O! And Scotland is just so lovely. You have a wonderful time. Next!

I got out of immigration and realized the money exchange counter wouldn't be open for hours, but a kind gentleman saw me, offered to pay my bus, then bought me breakfast while we chatted and talked about his travels/life and dropped me off at my hotel.


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Off to Galway

Second day in Ireland, touring the west coast

semi-overcast 14 °C

Ash and I woke up to a brisk morning and stopped by her parents house, had some tea, then Warren's parents house... had some tea.


After a spot of tea we drove to the city of Galway where we met Steph and Conor for a pint and some dinner. First pint of Guinness in the UK! After several rounds I also learned it's not customary to tip the bartender in Ireland. Bartenders like me here tho.


There was a small pub below the restaurant that had a local band playing traditional songs. Enjoyable.


Then we went to a club with about 400 college students. When in Rome... drink jager bombs.


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Stop over before the World Cup...

sunny 17 °C

At 2am I boarded the plane for Ireland. I had the sweetest letter to read for the start of my journey. It put me in such a warm and toasty mood I fell into a deep sleep on the plane for the first time ever.


And now here I am. Sun shining, Ashlea and her friend picked me up from the airport and we went into Dublin to have lunch and toured Trinity College.


We went into the museum, it was free. Score.


Ash and Warren live in a sweet little home in the village of Killeigh. We caught up, drank whiskey and had dinner. It hasn’t set in that I’m in Ireland.


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This is the end.

last days in Vietnam

overcast 40 °C

Well it's been a fun ride. I spent some of my last days in Hoi An, a small coastal town in Vietnam. There I walked around the town, saw My Son - a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD by the kings of Champa, and got custom made shoes. Now I'm in Hong Kong awaiting one of my last flights.


See you soon Canada!

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Days 51 & 52

The Mekong Delta

sunny 40 °C

Walked thru a night market, which was fun, but similar to most other Asian night markets I've seen.


Nick suggested a trip down the Mekong Delta so we hopped on a bus and two hours later, BAM! There we were. There were lots of things to see on the way. Beautiful statures, we stopped at a coconut candy factory, ate crocodile, fed crocodiles and once we got there we took horse cart rides, puppies, I ate snake (not great), we went to a rice paper factory. The list goes on. There was so much crammed into those two days.


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Day 50

Hanging around Vietnam

45 °C

One last drink on the beach and I hoped on an overnight bus to Vietnam.


After a quick goodbye to the beautiful beach I got on a 14 hour sleeper bus where I was heading to Ho Chi Minh City to visit my friend from Korea. It's been really fun so far catching up and relaxing. We rented a motorbike and went to the war museum.


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Day 49

Remote islands.

40 °C

I took a speed boat, equipped with flat screen TV and 90's hip hop music videos, to Koh Rong Samloem - a remote island off the southern coast of Cambodia.


I was all ready, had taken out $100 dollars cash and walked into my hotel... only to discover my hundred dollar bill was gone. On an expensive island with no ATM, no internet, credit cards not accepted and... $30 in hand. Haha, I'm horrible at this. I walked far down the beach and found a little bungalow for $25 a night and met some very friendly Finnish boys who took me under their wing. Saved.


We went swimming, built a big bon fire, walked along the beach, but the very best part of this island is the phytoplankton. At night, when the lights go out from the hotels, you swim and the ocean lights up all around you. It was AMAZING. I wish i could have captured how crazy it was, there is one very blurry picture, the blue stuff is the plankton!


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Day 48


sunny 40 °C

Sihanoukville is beautiful! And so very hot. I spent last night eating and drinking with friends from my hostel.


This morning I walked around the beaches. People are constantly asking if you want to buy something, want a massage, manicure. I'm so bad at saying no. At one point I had three women massaging me, threading my legs and painting my nails.


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