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Day 47

Elephants and more monkeys

sunny 40 °C

Some of the hotel staff saw I was alone and took me under their wing. It was fun to sit around and joke, they were all really funny. Finally one of them said, okay, you have an entire day, lets do something. So we snook into the temple area to avoid paying again and he brought me to these elephants you can ride. I didn't want to ride them, I'm not sure I like how people treat elephants, but I did feed them pineapples and pet them. ...not sure elephants like to be pet either.


On the way back we saw some monkeys. We fed them lotus pods and they got muddy little handprints all over my dress, ha.


Now time to catch a bus to Phnom Penh.

Today's challenge: Exploring. I made a stop into a market called "Old Market" and got completely lost and turned around. It was fun.


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Day 46


sunny 40 °C

My aunt Kim had asked what my GoPro videos looked like. I didn't know quite how to mash them together so I just threw some clips into iMovie. Enjoy!

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Day 45

See you later Thailand, hello Cambodia!

sunny 40 °C

Last night in Phuket. It was a neat place during the day, but the night scene was not so much my style. I was glad to have left.


A bus ride to Bangkok turned into a bus ride to Siem Reap and I found myself in Cambodia. A beautiful country... until you see the spider in your toilet, ah!


Got up bright and early to see some temples close by.


Tomorrow I'm off to Sihanoukville on a recommendation from a friend. See you on the other side!

Today's challenge; Something you regret. I regret not wearing sunscreen today. Photo update to come I guess, haha.

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Day 43

Tiger time

sunny 40 °C

Today I went to see some Tigers. On the way I stopped at some statues.


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Day 30 - now

On the road again

sunny 40 °C

I slept in a McDonalds today for the price of a tea (10 Canadian cents…). Straight up hobo styles. You missed some things, let me catch you up.

I was in Malaysia flip flopping around like a fish. I saw some cool things, freshwater dolphins, crocodiles, monkeys.


Saw some really cool caves. One had the largest cave opening in the world. Yeah, that’s a thing. What they don’t tell you are lots of bats live there so the ground had a bed of bat poop on it, which had a blanket of cockroaches crawling around on top.


Went to another neat cave that had weird formations and then got to watch around 3 million bats fly out at dusk.


Went further into the jungle and signed up to climb another mountain, how hard could it be after that last one I did right?

Guide: you need to get to the first check point within an hour, or I send you back down.

Me: okay.

Guide: you need to get to the second checkpoint within the next 45 minutes….

Me: …okay.

Guide: the next checkpoint within the next hour.

Me:… how many check points are there??

Guide: the entire climb is vertical, but it gets really challenging in the last two hours.

Me: … uh

Guide: about half the people who attempt this climb don’t make it.

So I’m going up this mountain, while the guide just takes off and waits at each check point, not very confident that I was going to make it to even the first checkpoint, screaming R Kelly’s “Worlds Greatest” on repeat in my head, my heart feeling like it was just going to burst. The first hour I was convinced I was going to die. The second got a little easier and by the third hour I was pretty sure R Kelly actually wrote that song for me. At the top were ragged points made out of limestone and these cute little animals that I fed apple to. There were bees at the camp I stayed at that were attracted to sweat. I was super popular with the bees when I got to the bottom of the mountain...


There were a couple of these at the bottom, this is the tallest flower in the world.


The next day we walked the Head Hunters Trail. A 11.4 km trek thru the jungle. I was alone for most of it, but I hardly noticed. I just walked thru it taking photos of all the cool bridges I had to cross.


On a whim I decided to fly to Thailand and spend a night in Ko Phi Phi. What I didn’t realize was it was Thai New Years. They celebrate with a countrywide water gun fight. I stepped off the boat onto Ko Phi Phi and was drenched within seconds. They also throw this powder on you, it burns. Especially in the eyes.


and now you're all up to date.

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Day 28 & 29

Rain, rain, go away

storm 30 °C

It's been raining on and off pretty hard for the last few days. torrential downpour one moment, and full sun the next. When it's pouring rain in a thunderstorm you look across the street and it's blue skye. Strange. Climbed a mountain only to reach the top and have fog prevent any view, but it was an interesting climb, full of rope ladders and roots to climb.


Today was a little paddle down a river in a kayak. Stopped in a village on the riverbank to have lunch. Enjoyable.


Today's challenge; Fruit! Did anyone else know a pineapple bush produces only one pineapple at a time and it takes eight weeks to grow??


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Day 26 & 27

Last day in the jungle and leaving Indonesia

sunny 30 °C

Here are the bird-eating spider and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms we found on our night trek;


Our last day was spent floating slowly back to our hotel. We stopped to see a few more Orangutans and a small village.


This little Orangutan let me walk right up to him, but then he looked up my skirt!


In the next town we took a small boat tour which mostly consisted of naked children bathing on the rivers edge. Cute, but weird. To the batmobile!


And then it was time to say goodbye to Indonesia and hello to Malaysia!


Today's challenge; Night lights :)


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Day 22 - 25

Floating down a river

sunny 30 °C

I'm so afraid of flying. The thought of falling from the sky in a tin can, my last minute of life spent screaming and most likely on fire, terrifies me. I'm pretty sure every hour spent on a plane takes an hour off the life of my heart.


Three flights and I was Kalimantan. The next morning was spent arranging a private tour of Tanjung Puting National Park. The next three days and nights will be spent floating along jungle rivers on this,


The river started out a milk chocolate brown, but as we've gone deeper and off onto smaller rivers it's become like deep, steeped tea.


We've stopped at several spots where orangutans are known to eat and hang out.


Tonight we're going on a night trek to look for bird-eating trantulas and glow-in-th-dark mushrooms. I'm totally trying to grow those when I get home. Best nightlight ever.

Today's challenge; feet.


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Day 21

Sunrise on a volcano

sunny 31 °C

This morning it was up bright and early at 4:30am (what is with this vacation and getting up early?!) to watch the sun rise over Kelimutu, an inactive volcano with three lakes sitting atop. The lakes are all strange colours because of mineral deposits pushed up when it was active. The lakes are black, brown and turquoise.


After getting back to the hostel there was a farmers market out back.


Then naps. So many naps.

Mosquito bites; 42

Today’s challenge; Drink of choice. This drink smelled so delicious because of the flowers on it.


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Day 20

Happy birthday Laurie! & scenic photos

sunny 26 °C

Has it really been twenty days travel blog? … I smell like it’s been twenty days, but it doesn’t feel like it.

The drive this morning from Bajawa to Maumare was long, but there were plenty of stops to see along the way. Huge bamboo forests, old village ruins, a waterfall, hot springs, rice fields, mountains, an active volcano and a half submerged ship that sank about four months ago.


There was a beach we stopped at that had turquoise rocks. This colour reminds me of tiffany.


My friend Laurie's birthday is today. I took this thinking of her <3


On the way we passed Gregory’s (the driver) house so we stopped in.


Mosquito bite count; 34.
Todays challenge; Reflection.

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